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07. 06. 2014


Tropical beach inspired clothing is such an evergreen. I'd even say a cliché. You can always expect it to appear in stores before the holiday season, usually hand in hand with sailor inspired pieces. And because I see it every summer, I just didn't pay attention to it. After all, it was not my cup of tea.

I don't really know why it is that this year I suddenly became attracted to pineapples and flamingos but it happened. I simply decided I need to buy that stuff to get on the summer vibe. And everytime I see clothes of this type somewhere, I immediately start to regret that I live in a rather cold, landlocked country.

If you're as unlucky as me and have very little chances to take a swim in the sea this summer, in these clothes you can at least dream about tropical beaches, palms, fruits and animals.

shark t-shirt / cropp                                                                 palm shorts / H&M
pineapple pouch / romwe.com                                                 parrot necklace / I love crafty
banana t-shirt / sheinside.com                                                 flamingo top / H&M
tropical sunglasses / ebay.com                                                boat printed skirt / romwe.com
watermelon shorts / lazy oaf                                                   watermelon flats / modcloth
pineapple earrings / I love crafty
03. 06. 2014


Hello there lil' mammoths!

Much happened since my last post~. I'm sorry I didn't have time for blogging, but trust me, I had good reasons why not to.
Most importantly, I have graduated from high school 2 weeks ago with pretty good grades (not straight As, but still good ;)). What preceded it was another 2 weeks of intensive studying (we call it a "holy week" here  - the time (in my case it was two weeks)  between your last school day and your graduation when you study hard to catch up with everything you have missed throughout the year (in my case almost everything, especially in chemistry I was completely lost).

What follows immediately after graduation are, of course, the celebrations, so I invited bunch of my friends-classmates over to our weekend house for a couple of days, which was another reason for my absence here.
And now, when the school duties are almost done (I still have to recieve my report and send it to the uni I'm going to next year), I'm slowly starting to enjoy a 4 months long holidays. Yay!

When I was at my worst, buried in books and mathematical formulas - I'm sure every student knows how frustrating it is to study all day long, alone, only having friends come over to explain to you stuff you don't understand - I bought a lot of stuff, some because I needed it desperately, some simply out of frustration. I know this post isn't that much of a glorious comeback, because haul posts have little to zero value, but hay, let's have a look at what I bought :D

 Holographic skirt (from mancphoebe.storenvy.com) was my dream, but I only have trouble with it - first it was too tight, I had my friend altered it and hell, it's too short. But I'm not giving up on wearing it.
The mint skirt is from ebay and I had a fight with my sister over it. I got it because I am the one who has a PayPal account, not her :D

 Flamingo top (New Yorker)
Thug sheer sleeve sweatshirt (i think it's from romwe.com, not sure tho)
 purple star creepers (ebay) - I needed new shoes really badly!
 Beauty haul from beautynetkorea.com - as much as I loved w2beauty, I think this site is even better for buying Korean cosmetics! Reviews soon~

And finally, a sailor dress I found in a thriftshop when I was shopping for cosplay supplies yesterday. That said, I'm working on a new cosplay - watch my facebook page for progress ;3

I'm coming back soon with some reviews and outfit posts, hopefully! Stay tuned and enjoy your summer!


  • 08. 05. 2014

    Photoshoot with Karolina Ryvolova

    Hey mammoths!
    I know I suck in blogging right now. It will get better after I graduate, I promise ;)

    Those who follow my Facebook page already know, but why not post it here as well. I just want to show you two pics (or should I say art pieces?) from a photoshoot with wonderful & talented Karolina Ryvolova. The photoshoot took place in an abandoned brewery (a bit scary place!) and although it was really cold that day and I was freezing, it was so much fun - I hope it wasn't my last collaboration with Karolina.
    There is only two pictures done so far, but I think they're really worth seeing. I hope you'll like them~

    Thanks for viewing!
    Stella <3


  • 19. 04. 2014

    GEO Angel Green Lens review [sponsored by Lensvillage]

    Hi everyone!

    Today I'll be reviewing my new circle lenses as well as the store who kindly sent them to me, http://www.lensvillage.com.

    Lensvillage is a Korean circle lenses reseller. They carry up to 8 brands and about 600 models of circle lenses of various colors, styles and prescriptions. Check out their website for more!

    They kindly agreed to sponsor me with a pair of lenses of my choice. I chose GEO Angel lenses in Green. I already had a good experience with GEO Medical in the form of my first pair of lenses. The communication with the seller was really pleasant, they were very nice and helpful!

    My package arrived after three weeks and a couple of days, which is pretty much a standard Asia-Europe delivery time. The lenses came nicely and safely packed, along with a free, randomly picked circle lens case (this time I got elephants, yay! my favorite animals~). Like all GEO lenses, they came with an anti-fake number, so I could verify their authenticity online.

    The diameter of these lenses is only 14,2 mm, which is fairly small for circle lenses, but despite of that, the enlargement effect is still huge. It is because of the dark circle - lenses which have it make your eyes look bigger than the lenses that do not have one. They also seem to be very light colored with a dark circle, but on my eyes, they look dark, even though my natural eye color is light green.

    The color of these lenses does not blend with the color of your eyes, it forms a dark circle around your pupil instead, so I wouldn't recommend them to people whose eye color is very different from this one (for example blue).

    These lenses are really comfortable. I could wear them all day like my regular lenses without feeling any sign of discomfort.

    These lenses are 10/10 for me! Make sure to check them and many other styles at LENSVILLAGE.COM. And there will be a giveaway in cooperation with this website really soon so stay tuned!

    Love you all!
    Stella <3

  • 09. 04. 2014

    survived sharknado

    I'm so in love with this sweatshirt, I don't think I'm ever gonna take it off. Shark is definitely my spirit animal.

    This is outfit I wore yesterday to school and more importantly, to play laser tag with a couple of friends. They opened a new laser tag arena in my city and it's still not working perfectly, so the prices are really low right now. It was the 1st time I played it and I had so much fun! 

    I also visited a game/youtube festival called 4FANS last weekend, I was there as a guest with other members of our League of Legends cosplay group and it was really cool. Check out my facebook page for pitctures & more.

    There is only a month and a few days left till my graduation and I'm starting to freak out. I will try to be active here on my blog as much as I can, but sadly, I can't really promise anything. Studying is in the 1st place, at least it should be :D

    30. 03. 2014

    strawberry milkshake

    A very simple yet cute outfit from today. Enjoying the springggg <3

    My logic is as flawless as always: the warm days are coming - let's buy as much cute warm sweaters as I can, yay! I hate myself for being this impractical but want can I do, right? So I wanted to wear this sweater a lot now when it's not too hot outside and take some pictures. Check. But I found out I really don't feel comfortable looking cute nowadays. And maybe I just can't look cute even if I try my very best.


  • 27. 03. 2014

    March haul ☆

    Hello mammoths! I'm back with a shopping update. I have kinda stopped doing them recently, huh? It might be because I don't shop that much, but more importantly, I am just lazy. But I have gathered some pretty cool stuff over the last month, so it's time to share it with you ;)

     shark sweatshirt / H&M
    strawberry sweater / syndrome

    It is already a bit too warm for the strawberry sweater. Not my fault, I ordered it in January -.-. I hope I will be able to make at least some outfit pics in it before I put it somewhere deep in my closet where it will be waiting for autumn.

    The shark sweatshirt was love at first sight! Some of you may know that a certain group of people calls me Shar, so I've been craving it since the moment I learnt H&M sells such thing, but I was a bit pessimistic about it - the store in our city often does not have the best things from the collections. But I was lucky and now I have it! So comfy!

     SRSLY t-shirt / Cropp

    I suffer from a permanent lack of t-shirts. This one is pretty thick but I love the design. Cropp Town is actually one of my favorite places to shop in our city. It's a (I believe) Polish clothing brand and it sells mostly in Eastern European countries so some of you may not know about them, but I just love their clothes. They can always surprise me.

    holographic unicorn clutch / ebay
    LUCKY beanie / ebay
    cateye sunglasses / Romwe

    And a few accessories. I fell in love with holographic things and this is my first and definitely not last holo item. It's also probably a bit late for buying a beanie, but I'm LUCKY I don't care. The sunglasses were simply a need!

    That's all for now :3
    What do you like the most?

  • 16. 03. 2014

    Prom season / MY PROM

    !! WARNING !! Picture and information heavy post!

    Hi mammoths!

    I'm back with an anticipated post. A lot of bloggers post about proms and sometimes I do as well (even though in a very lame way), but as many of you know, this year has been special for me because this year it was me who had the chance to shine at my own prom!

    Apart from my own, I have been only to four other proms. I always plan an promise to visit many of them, but then I'm lazy/I have to study (because some of these are on working days!) or I have some other excuse for not going. Some of them were good, some were worse, some of them I don't remember. Because in case you didn't get it yet, the purpose of this very formal and unique event is to get incredibly drunk.

    But let's get to the main topic of this post: my prom. I will post some pictures and, if you are from a foreign country, I will try to explain how Czech proms work. 

    A prom in the Czech Republic is a formal (well, in the terms of etiquette more of a semi-formal) dance event which is organized by graduating students and is kind of a climax of their studies because after your prom is over, you realize that the only thing left for you in the high school is the graduation itself. It's open to the general public, because the students pay everything themselves and they naturally want to get their money back by selling as many tickets as possible. So basically, you can go to a prom even if you don't go to the same school or if you don't know any of the graduates.

    Here, all students are divided to classes within the school and each single class has their own prom. There is a lot of money and hard work behind the organization of the event because there are many things you have to have prepared. Every student has to be involved.

    The program

    The programs of each prom may vary depending on the school and the city and the students, but the general scheme is always the same.

    It's not a rule, but most of the proms are made in some theme. As you may know from the previous post, our theme was Hunger Games. In our city, all the proms start at 7 PM and end at 2 AM, the graduates however have to be there more or less all day to prepare everything, including themselves.

    A peek into the dressroom. Graduating girls usually wear evening gowns and the girls-visitors wear cocktail dress. That is one of the possibilities how to recognize a graduate from the visitor. Some of the girls also have their hair and makeup done by professionals. I had my hair done by my hairdresser but I did my makeup myself.

    The first thing on the program is usually předtančení, a dance performance to start the evening, which may be performed by the graduates themselves or someone they hired. We had samba!

    What follows is nástup, which is basically a promenade in which the graduates first reveal themselves to the public. It's usually very elegant and beautiful, especially girls enjoy it because they can present their dresses.

    This usually ends with the students standing in two lines with a red carpet between them. At this moment we also had our video played (full video at the end of the post). Then the principal of the school and some teachers come and starts the main event of the evening, šerpování. Each students name is called, he walks over the red carpet towards the teachers who give him a sash, a glass and usually a flower as well.

     Me on the red carpet. Terrible picture, but hey. I was already a bit drunk and very emotional at this point.

    When the students walk on the red carpet, there is a tradition that the public throws coins and confetti at them.

    After that, some thank-you and farewell speeches are delivered, the students have a toast and then collect the coins on the floor. You should keep your coins in the glass until you graduate and then spend them on alcohol for your after-graduation party. It brings bad luck if you spend them earlier!

    After that, the program is free, people dance, drink and talk like on any other dance. During that time, some more performances may occur to entertain the guests, depending on how much the graduates were willing to spend on this. We had bartender show. They were really good!

    The free program lasts until midnight. At 12 PM, the graduates perform půlnoční překvapení, which translates literally as "midnight surprise" and it's - well, already very drunk graduates performing whatever they think is funny to entertain the guests and start the real party, for after midnight, the formal dance ends and starts the disco.

    \Here are some of the less embarassing pictures from the surprise

     Right, I am the one with the horse head...

    After that, there is a disco until 2 AM. When the prom ends, the graduates and remaining guests move to some club for afterparty where they party until they drop.

    That's all about the prom! Here are some more pictures from the evening.

    Me and my sister 
    I don't even know what is this

    The girls, lookin fab

    And here is the promised full length grad video! Watch me get killed!

    That's all for today guys! Congratulations if you have read the whole post.
    Would you enjoy such event? How was your prom? How do proms look like in your country/city? Tell me in comments below! 


    09. 03. 2014

    ❁ Etude House - Rosy Tint Lips review ❁

    Some time ago I promised reviews. I guess it's about the time to do what I promised~!

    Rosy Tint Lips is a collection of tints inspired by roses by Etude House.

    I purchased this tint simply to expand my lips product collection because I still have the feeling there are many lipstick shades I need and lack. This product caught my attention for its rich colors and matteness. And when I finally got it, it immediately became my most favorite and most hated beauty product at the same time. 

    I got the shade #8 - After Blossom. It's a really beautiful and interesting deep pink/purple color (probably closest to fuchsia??) and it looks exactly like in the picture. It comes in a tube with a soft applicator in the end. And that's the biggest problem of this product and the reason why I hate it. The. Bloody. Application.

    First of all, the tube is made of a fairly thick plastic which is certainly good in preventing the tube from breaking or being damaged, but it makes it incredibly hard to get the tint out of the tube in the first place. When you finally manage to get some small amount out, you have to apply it immediately on your lips or it could happen that the tube would "suck" it back in. The application itself is also quite unpleasant - the soft applicator is quite wide and it's impossible to create a sharp line with it. If you don't use a liner (which I don't because I haven't seen any in this color), your lips will always be a bit blurry.

    On the other hand, the tint itself is quite amazing. The color is beautiful, it's very opaque and matte, long lasting, smells like roses and everything about it is just lovely. It does not moisturize your lips at all, but it does not make them dry as well.  According to Etude House, it can be used either on whole lips or to create a gradient, although I have to admit I've never actually tried the latter with it. Apart from this shade (which I find one of the most beautiful lipstick/tint/gloss shades I've ever had the chance to wear) it comes in 7 other shades of red and pink. 

    Overall impression: Love the product, hate the application process. Not sure if it is worth repurchasing. I'll just hope that by the time I'm finished with this, EH would have made something similar in a different package.

    Hope my review was somehow helpful!
    Please tell me in comments below!
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    24. 02. 2014


    I don't feel like writing.
    A new camera is on it's way.
    Prom's over. 
    Time to start some serious preparations for my graduation.
    Time to start blogging

    NICE DAY pin from BALUBUNNY - check them out! 
    11. 02. 2014

    GEO Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown circle lenses review

    Hello there!

    I finally got to write the anticipated review on GEO Princess Mimi lenses I bought just a few weeks ago. I have to say I'm a huuuge lens noobie: I'm new to circle lenses (these are my first) and pretty new to contact lenses in general. So if you're thinking about buying yourself a first pair, this review is definitely for you.

    I got my pair from Pinky Paradise, which is one of the biggest and most recommended circle lens reseller. When buying circle lenses, you have to pay attention to many factors such as prescription, diameter, structure and so on. Because I had no experience, I referred mostly to my regular lenses. In the end, I chose these because:

    - the diameter is 15mm, which is big (which is what you aim for when buying circle lenses), but not huge (14mm are my regular lenses; 14.2 to 15 is considered a standard circle lens diameter)
    - they were similar in composition to my regular lenses
    - they have 1 year lifespan
    - GEO has an anti-fake system to make sure you're wearing an original - yay for safety

    Shipping from Pinky Paradise was $6, which is not bad, plus you get a free animal case with every pair of lenses. It took about 2 week for the order to arrrive.

    The lenses came in these little bottles, sealed and everything. In the picture, one of the bottles is already open, that's because I opened it before taking the picture.

    After opening the bottles, you have to take the lenses out, put them into your contact lens solution and leave them like that for 8 hours before you put them in your eyes. 

    Here are my lenses ready to wear

    I got the Chocolate Brown version of these lenses and I think the color is really beautiful and exactly what I wanted. I was aiming for something very cute, because my natural eye color is (sometimes really bright) green and (maybe it's just my subjective opinion) it makes my eyes look sassy and kind of evil, which is not suitable for my otherwise cute style.

    The dark chocolate brown color of the lenses covers my green pretty well and the lenses with the right makeup on make my eyes look much bigger and cuter. BUT bear in mind the makeup! These are not made for daily use and they require some heavier eye makeup, otherwise they tend to look a bit creepy!!!

    Here is a picture for comparison: my natural color, one lens in and both lenses in.

    I have very small pupils in this pic because I was looking into the light while taking it. Otherwise, my natural eyecolor isn't visible at all. The lenses really blend in nicely.

    The lenses are pretty comfortable to wear, but I can feel the difference between these, my regular lenses and no lenses at all. My eyes are very sensitive and they sometimes do get irritated with the lenses but on the other hand, I wore them to a prom party and I completely forgot I was wearing them, so it probably depends on the situation.

    And a funny picture in the end. I wore the lenses to school to get used to them, but I wore wrong makeup and I continued creeping the hell out of my classmates. So one of my friends got the silly idea "what would happen If i put your picture into the "glam me" app? Yup, one of it's features is eye enlargement.

    Well, this is the outcome:

    I hope this review was useful to you guys! If you have any questions, just ask!
    Thanks for reading<3

    10. 02. 2014

    Never drink and drive - do drugs and fly!

    Hi there!

    I'm currently on a spring break which is fantastic, but only because I have some time to catch up with some school stuff I left behind before. I'm super busy with my seminar paper (and I'm already handing it in late!) and also with our prom, which is this friday! I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. It's gonna be craaazyyy!

    Apart from all that, I'm still obsessing with pirates (after having finished AC4, I started watching Black Sails, any fans out there?) and procrastinating effectivly. This look is from today, I had to go to the city to get our grad t-shirts done (they're super ironic with comic sans and everything) and I finally had time to dress up a bit. This cloud printed bomber is my new favorite thing and of course I had to match it with winged items!

    02. 02. 2014

    Beauty haul [w2beauty review]

    Hey mammoths.

    Today I'm going to show you my last result of shopping for cosmetics but rather than reviewing the products, I want to say something about the site I got them from.

    I got these products:
    • Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer
    • Etude House Rosy Tint Lips
    • Skinfood Salmon Dark Circle Concealer Cream
    I'll be reviewing them all soon so stay tuned!
    I got all this from www.w2beauty.com , a site reselling lots of Korean cosmetic brands. It's based in South Korea and ships from there, too, so there's no need to worry about the authenticity of products. The prices are reasonable and the shipping is free!

    This was my second time ordering from them. First time I ordered some Christmas presents for my mother and sister, since they complained a lot when I returned from Vietnam and I didn't bring them any duty free haul from Incheon airport. I was placing the order long time before Christmas because I thought it would take a long time for it to get here and I wanted to avoid the Christmas madness, so I was nicely surprised when I got my order after a week or so. It came with lots of samples, some business cards and a Korean candy.

    This time, everything was the same except I was a bit disappointed with the samples. I got a shitload of them the time when I ordered 5 products, even some mask sheets and so on. This time? 4 little samples from which 3 were from the same line. It might be due to the fact that my last order contained a pretty pricey cream for my mom, but still...

    Other thing that bugged me this time was inefficiency of the wrapping. It came nicely wrapped and packed in bubble foils and everything, but it was freezing outside the day it arrived and when I unpacked the tint, it was frozen inside :C I understand they couldn't know, but I think this shouldn't happen when it comes to beauty products.


    • reasonable prices
    • wide range of products to choose - almost every Korean beauty brand
    • free and fast shipping
    • shipping with tracking number is only $2,5
    • you get free samples and a candy! :D

    • you don't always get a lot of samples
    • if you're from a country where it's freezing, you should probably tell them to add some extra foils or it can happen that the products will freeze and become useless
    • although they have a lot of products to choose from, it's not like they have everything - I recall searching for some specific product once or twice and I couldn't find them om the website
    Overall, I'm very satisfied with this website and their services and I'm definitely going to order from them again soon! If you're a Korean cosmetics fan, make sure to try them out!


    That would be all, but I have one more thing to ask you for. My facebook page is not as used and visited as I would wish for it to be. Could you guys please support it with a "like"? If you have your own fb pages, make sure to leave a link, I'll be happy to support you back! Thank you!

    Stella's Ice Age

    Propagujte i svojí stránku
    26. 01. 2014

    Etude House Tear Drop Liner review

                           ASK.FM / FACEBOOK / BLOGLOVIN / GIVEAWAY

    Hello sweethearts!

    Long time to beauty review, eh? I still think I'm terrible in these, but I will eventually try to do more and improve a bit.

    Etude House teardrop liner is that kind of product I would have never thought I'd need. And to be honest, it's not really something you need. It's something you fancy, a nice finish to your eye makeup.

    Etude House Tear Eye Liner is available in 5 versions. I chose the #1 Pure because I found it to be the most universal one. It's basically a very glittery liquid eyeliner which is meant to be applied to inner corners of your eyes to create a "teary" impression. It's very cute and suitable for gyaru and ulzzang makeup styles.

    What surprised me about this product is the fact that it actually lasts a pretty long time even though when I first applied it, I felt like it's going to be runny. But no, it dries quickly, doesn't smudge much and lasts a nice amount of time. It's also easy to apply and easy to remove. It's not at all waterproof so be careful.

    How it looks on my hand...

    ... and on my eyes. The "just finished crying and have cute little tears in my eyes" effect really works in the  - once someone actually told me I look like I've been crying :D I found that awesome and creepy at the same time.

    It's very shiny and bling-y so I don't usually wear it by day and I wouldn't recommend it unless you're a full time ulzzang - it looks a bit creepy with lighter makeup like the one I'm wearing in the picture above. However, it's ideal for night makeup and it makes your eyes stand out!

    Overall, I really like this product and I'm probably going to repurchase it if I ever run out of it (you only need a little amount per eye). Try it yourselves!

    You can get your tear drop liner HERE

    Oh and here, have a picture of me with an alpaca because why not

    23. 01. 2014

    P for Prom Preparation

    Hi guys!

    We're in the middle of the ball season which for folks of my age means one thing: proms!
    And because there are far too many to visit and mine is coming soon, I decided to dedicate a couple of posts to them.

    I was going to explain how proms work here in the Czech Republic and in my city (because I found out each city or region does it a bit differently), but that would make an awfully long post. If you're interested and want me to explain something, just ask me. Maybe I'll make a longer post about it when my own prom is over. Right now, I'm only going to show you some of the work that needs to be done before the prom can start ;) 

    In my city, most of the students choose to give some kind of general theme to their event. Ours is Hunger Games so all the stuff you're going to see here is HG style. Badass, isn't it?

     This is my tablo picture. Tablo is basically photos of students from one class put together on a board which is placed somewhere in the city so the people who walk by can see the graduating students. I personally don't like how I look there very much, but the editing is nice!

    Our ticket. Who can find me? ;)

    One of the most interesting and most fun parts of prom and graduation is the grad video. It's not like it has to be done, but usually you want it, because it's something fun you can always watch to remember your classmates after you're parted. It's fully revealed at the prom, so right now, only a teaser is available. Have a look! (I'm not in it, but it's still cool! :D)

    And finally, here are some backstage pictures from the making of the video. It was in shot October and it was a hilarious all day marathon of running around in the forest with real weapons and stuff.

    Classy fake wounds! :D

    What do you think? How does a prom look like in your country/city? Let me know in comments!
    Thanks for viewing <3

    18. 01. 2014

    ~ GIVEAWAY ~

    It's here again! The giveaway time!

    This time I'm doing something slightly different. Whereas items in previous giveaways were bought or created or donated just for the occasion, this time it's a giveaway in it's very own meaning, I'm literally giving something what's mine away.

    I bought this shooting star bag last year and it has been lying in my room with no purpose since then. I didn't get to wear it at all. And because I already sold the clothes I planned to match it with and I doubt I will find any use for it, but I still find the bag extremely cute & kawaii, I decided to give it to one of my readers! <3

    The prize: Loris shooting star bag


    Entry 1: Follow my blog via GFC/Google + and leave a comment under this post containing your e-mail address

    Entry 2: Like my Facebook page and share the giveaway post as public. Then leave a comment containing your e-mail address and Facebook name under this post

    You can choose either way or you can choose to do both. In case of doing both, you are allowed to post each entry in separate comment, which makes the odds in favor of you winning higher! ;)


    Good luck everyone!

    15. 01. 2014

    My lolita wardrobe 2014 update

    It's that time of year again. The wardrobe post month.

    I did my first wardrobe post in 2013 and I didn't want to repeat it this year because it actually hasn't changed much since then. But seeing other wardrobe posts inspired me to do it again. So, here it is :)


    Angelic Pretty - Merry Making Party in yellow

    Metamorphose - Polkadot poodle 

    I have been trying to sell this one for so long T_T It doesn't fit my style at all.


    Metamorphose - winter luckypack 2012 "Sherlock" JSK

    My most worn lolita piece. It made me like classic lolita and I just love the versatility of this dress. 

    Fanplusfriend - The Lady Marine

    Infanta - Power and Throne


    Bodyline piano suspender skirt

    My very first lolita item. I still wear it from time to time, I love music-themed outfits.

    Metamorphose (Crown Label) - Strawberry Crown

    My most favorite print ever! I love the color combo!

    Amber macaron skirt

    Bodyline Soft Cream; random offbrand skirt


    Anna House; Metamorphose

    both offbrand



    Bodyline; offbrand

    offbrand, Fanplusfriend



    I don't wear the bunny coat at all. It's just... sorta... here :'D


    In fact, I own much more. I just didn't want to bother you with pictures of plain socks or tights.

    That's it! I hope you like it!
    If I find some time, I'll add a picture of my shoes and bags as well, but no accessories, sorry! I have so many it's just not going to happen n_n

    11. 01. 2014

    mint & chocolate

    Hi there~

    Not many news since my last post. Christmas break is over and school keeps me busy, the obligations of a senior student are endless. I turned 19 two days ago and it feels weird. Why can't people just stay 16 for a longer time? T_T

    I don't make a big deal out of my birthday, so I only got a cake and had a dinner with my dad and sister (and I'm having another one with my mom and sister... when I think about it, my sister is the one who gets the most out of my birthday :D). This is what I wore. Not festive at all. I just wanted to wear something I could feel 16 in.

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    I finally figured out how to wear the skirt I got for Christmas and I love it! Expect more outfits featuring this skirt coming soon because I feel like never taking it off.

    Brown X mint is one of my favorite color combinations although I never actually wore it before.

    03. 01. 2014

    New in: Chrsitmas presents

    Hi guys! I promised this yesterday and I decided to do this post quickly when I still bear it in mind because if I postponed it, I would never do it.

    I spent Christmas with my mom and sister and it was the best and most relaxed Christmas Eve I have ever experienced (In Czech Republic, we celebrate only the Christmas Eve and get presents in the evening  - on Christmas Day, we usually just visit our families without any more celebrations) . I wanted to make a post about our Christmas but I ended up not having enough pictures so here, have at least a Christmassy picture of me and my sis

    And this is a peek into what I got for Christmas.

    The cutest mug ever I got from my grandma - an ideal Christmas present for a lolita, don't you think?
    The perfume is from my dad. I always let my dad buy perfumes for me because honestly, he has the best taste in them.
    Funny batman glasses from my friend Betty. She told me she was worried that I wouldn't like it but actually, I like this kind of presents the most - silly cute things you wouldn't even think of buying yourself.

    I always wish for clothes but paradoxically, I never get clothes because everyone is either scared I wouldn't like what I got or they think that my taste in fashion is shit. So in terms of clothing, I only got these two items. I have wanted that winged backpack for so long! I can't wait to wear it but unfortunately, I can't now because it looks silly with my rather elegant winter coat. The skirt is, as expected, too short on me, but hey, I don't really care as long as it's cute. Ideal for gyaru-like coords.

    I wished for AC4 even though I have never played Assassin's Creed before, simply because I love everything pirate-themed. I was really happy when I found it under the Christmas tree and even happier when I managed to run it on my PC.

    The book is from my mom. It's called "He's back" in English and yes, it is about Hitler, more specifically about Hitler living in modern days. It's supposed to be some kind of satire and reflection upon today's world. I'm only at the beginning but so far it's hilarious.

    A giant Arpakasso plush! I already have a little pink one, so now I got him a big brother. Can't wait to take some cute pics with it! :D

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    I got a few more things, like a voucher for craft supplies which is a yay because it means cosplay stuff, but they aren't that interesting to take pictures of. Overall, I'm really happy with what I got!

    And what did you guys get for Christmas? Tell me in comments below!
    02. 01. 2014

    2013 outfit summary

    Hi again! Sorry for such a long pause again *blushes agressively*. I hope you all had a very merry Christmas and awesome New Years Eve! I did indeed, but that is not what this post is going to be about (sorry). I've seen this on some blogs and thought it was a really interesting idea, mostly for people who started following my blog at some point in the last year. So here it is, outfit summary of 2013 - lolita, casual and few unpublished outfit pics ;)

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    The "x" under each picture is a link - click it for more pics of the same outfit!


    pic name

    pic name
    never published because of
    terrible pictures
    pic name


    pic name
    pic name
    pic name
    That's it! I'm always worried that I don't do enough outfit pics, but when you look at it, it wasn't that little after all! However, I'll try to do even more in 2014 so stay tuned!

    Which one is your favorite? Did you also do an outfit summary on your blog? Post a link, I'd love to see!
    And what kind of posts can you expect in near future? Well probably
    - a Christmas presents post (not sure if I should do that though, these posts always look like bragging T_T)
    - prom season post
    - something about preparations for my own prom
    - outfit posts

    Happy New Year, everybody!