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15. 12. 2013

Lolita calendar photoshoot

Hi mammoths!

Back in October, I was told that a lolita-photographer Ketmara is coming to my city to take some pictures for her secret project and I was asked to participate in the photoshoot. Well, I never say no to a photoshoot. Me and my bro Julia were asked to do sweet twins because we have a twin skirt (and because apparently there are very few people doing sweet lolita in Czech Republic but some were needed for diversity), but we don't have the real twin outfit yet, so we had to improvise a lot.

It turned out that the secret project was a lolita calendar, featuring lolitas from all over the country and I'm in it! When I have the calendar at home, I'll post a picture of it. But for now, have some pictures of my (our) outfit and some funny pictures from the shooting.

Pictures of my outfit:

One of the actual pictures taken for the calendar, although a different one was probably used.

And some pictures taken meanwhile with my fellow local lolitas

 Sorry about the cig, I hate being photographed while smoking, but I think this picture is just epic :D

That would be all for now! When I have the calendar itself, I'll definitely post more pictures of it, some wonderful people are in it!
08. 12. 2013

anima libera

Hi guys! I'm back with an outfit post after quite a long time. It's the time of year again when I get home and it's already dark outside, so frequency and quality of my outfit pics goes down every winter, sadly.

I've been super busy with doing nothing lately. I've been home alone for almost a month and I had some sweet parties here. The Christmas market in our city has begun, so I'm always ready to have a punch or mulled wine with someone there. I'll probably make a post about it because the markets are one of the things I love the most about Christmas. And into all that, the prom season has started and this year it will be crazy. I don't even remember how many proms I'm about to attend this year. Apart from mine, of course, but more about that in some other post ;)

But back to the outfit. Because Advent is already here and nobody should be alone in that time, every Sunday I go visit my mom and sister, we have a dinner together and talk about what's new. Today, me and my sister went to shoot some pics in the forest behind their house.

                                            ASK // FACEBOOK PAGE // BLOGLOVIN

26. 11. 2013

DIY - antlers

As you might have noticed, many girls, especially those who incline to lolita/mori/dolly/shironuri styles, have been transforming themselves into deers lately. Well, not really, but the antler trend is spreading and the internet is overloaded with this stuff. And now finally, I too found some time to make my own deer headband.

This is the outcome:

You want to make one yourself? Go ahead, it's really easy. The antlers are made of Keraplast, which is an air-dry clay. It's a really nice material to work with, the same stuff I usually use to make my Homestuck horns. When you have the antlers, all you want to do is paint them, maybe add some glitter for the good matter and then get some plastic flowers and hotglue everything to some headband. Easy as that.

Overall I'm really satisfied with them, although some people told me they look like sausages (and when you think about it, it's kind of true xD) Because this is definitely not an everyday accessory, I intend to make some photoshoot with it. Can't wait!

17. 11. 2013

up to no good

Hi guys! Sorry for my inactivity - I have been awfully busy lately with various things and events. Let's have a look at what I've been up to. And it was definitely no good ;D

Two weeks ago, me and my friends spent a weekend in Prague, where we attended a two days long huge party called Bloody Sexy Halloween. Although it was Halloween themed and therefore a costume party, I didn't really bother with coming up with a costume. As much as I like cosplaying and costume-like fashion, I can't really stress out how much I hate costume parties. I just find it really weird when I get asked for a dance by a 20-something old man dressed up as Superman.
So the first day, I was an evil fairy (and my friends Liera and Simona were good and neutral fairies) and the second day I used parts of my Kata cosplay and was a referee. How original #not. The party itself wasn't really that overwhelming, but I enjoyed it after all.

Last week I also spent a weekend in Prague, I went to a convention called Akicon. It's the last convention of the year, it ends the con season and starts a huge conventionless pause lasting 6 months. This time I took my sister with me, because unlike me, she is into anime and other Japanese stuff. I didn't wear lolita because from my own experience, there usually aren't many lolitas around and I only took one cosplay, my newest one. Because I don't usually care much about the program on conventions and rather spend the time on them chatting with people, I'm not going to bother you with what I did there, I'll show you what I wore instead.

This is what I wore the first day (Friday). Nothing really special, because I knew there won't be time to take pictures. So here, have a shitty one.

On Saturday I cosplayed as Sinful Succulence Morgana from League of Legends. I'm missing the applique on the skirt but other that that, the costume is complete and I'm really happy for how it turned out. This cosplay also got much more attention that I usually get because of the wings - everyone likes huge things on costumes like wings, weapons or armor...

 On Sunday, I wore a nature inspired outfit. It should have contained antlers but I accidentally broke them, so it had to do without them. I will repair the antlers and use them in some other outfit soon :)

There will be more pictures of this outfit with more details eventually - I will make an extra post for it:)

I hope this post wasn't too long! What have you been up to lately?
05. 11. 2013

Lemon cupcakes with blueberry buttercream

(pro českou verzi receptu sjeďte níž ;)

Yep, this is me posting a recipe after a very long time. You know that feeling when you are craving something sweet and wanna try something new at the same time, but you're too lazy to go to the nearest shop and buy ingredients? I felt like that last weekend, so I had to come up with something I haven't done yet  while using stuff I had at home. And because we have a freezer full of blueberries, I decided to make them the key ingredient.

After some googling, I was informed that blueberry buttercream goes best with lemon cupcakes and because luckily we had some lemons as well, I gave it a try. And it was surprisingly good.

LEMON CUPCAKES (adapted from http://sallysbakingaddiction.com)

makes 12 cupcakes

- 1 stick (114 g) of butter (room temperature)
- 1 cup caster sugar
- 2 eggs
- 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
- 1 and 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
- 2 teaspoons baking powder
- 1/2 cup of milk
- zest and juice of 2 medium lemons
- pinch of salt

Preheat the oven to 350 F (175°C). Beat the butter and sugar together in a large bowl until creamed. Add eggs and vanilla and beat until combined. In a smaller bowl, sift together the flour, baking powder and salt. Then slowly add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients and stir. The batter should be thick. Add the lemon zest, juice and milk and mix until combined. Pour into the cupcake liners and bake about 20 minutes until done.


- 1 stick of butter (room temperature)
- 1/4 cup blueberries
icing sugar

Beat the butter until creamy. Slowly add icing sugar until the mixture is creamy but thick. In a mixer, mix the blueberries and add the puree to the cream. Decorate the cupcakes with a piping bag.

česká verze receptu 


na 12 cupcaků potřebujeme:
- půlka kostky másla (114 g) v pokojové teplotě
- 1 hrnek cukru
- 2 vejce
- 2 lžičky vanilkového extraktu (já použila pytlík vanilkového cukru)
- 1 a půl hrnku mouky
- 2 lžičky prášku do pečiva
- 1/2 hrnku mléka
- kůra a šťáva ze 2 středně velkých citronů
- špetka soli

Ve velké míse utřeme máslo s cukrem, přidáme vejce a vanilku a zamícháme. V menší misce smícháme mouku s práškem do pečiva a solí. Obsah menší misky poté pomalu přidáváme k obsahu té větší, po každém přidání pořádně zamícháme. Mělo by vzniknout tuhé těsto. Přidáme mléko, citrónovou šťávu a kůru a opět pořádně zamícháme. Hotové těsto nalijeme do muffinových košíčků a pečeme asi 20 minut na 175° C.

- asi půlka másla v pokojové teplotě
- asi 1/4 hrnku borůvek (použila jsem kanadské, normální budou víc barvit)
- cukr moučka

Utřete máslo do krémové konzistence (můžete použít mixér). Rozmixujte borůvky a vzniklé pyré přilijte k máslu. Poté postupně přidávejte cukr moučka a mixujte dokud nevznikne tužší krémová hmota. Cupcakes zdobíme krémem pomocí cukrářského sáčku.

Krém jsem dělala víceméně od oka, takže údaje v receptu jsou spíš orientační

If anyone tries this recipe, please, give me some feedback! :) 
31. 10. 2013


I just have so many things to do and so little time, my head is a hot air balloon right now. There's just too much stuff to remember right now. This is a simple outfit featuring foxes, because, well, foxes are cool right now for what they say. 

My new overknee boots from ebay. I'm pretty much in love with them.

Absolutely sweet collar brooch you can get from BALUBUNNY.

23. 10. 2013


I feel very sorry for my foreign readers but this giveaway is not open internationally. Only people located in the Czech Republic or Slovakia can participate. Thank you for your patience and be sure there will be an international giveaway soon again :)

Dobré zprávy pro všechny! Poštěstilo se mi znovu spolupracovat se značkou šperků Balubunny a společně jsme pro vás připravili malou giveaway. 

Vybrala jsem pro vás coby výhru řetízek s pegasem a roztomilý kolotoč - brož


1) buďte fanouškem Ice Age na Facebooku
2) buďte fanouškem Balubunny na Facebooku
3) sdílejte giveaway plakátek na své zdi
4) do komentářů pod tento článek mi napištesvůj e-mail a jméno pod kterým jste na facebooku

Jednoduché, že? 

A pokud Vás mnou vybrané věci neoslovily, nezoufejte. Balubunny pořádá giveaway aždý měsíc a v tom říjnovém si můžete vybrat výhru sami ;) Takže na jejich fb page určitě mrkněte.


Přeji hodně štěstí všem :)

19. 10. 2013

urban mermaid

Long time no see. I didn't have anything to post -.-
Although I'm doing some real photoshoots now, I don't have much to post in these days, mostly because I'm always unsatisfied with my outfit and if I'm not, there are some other obstacles (like coming home from school at 6 PM when it's aready dark outside - how I hate this season!)

I love this Mermaid t-shirt from I'm your present! It's actually a mens t-shirt with a ladylike print, which is what makes it so comfy and fun at the same time. The earrings I'm wearing are from the same shop, they are actually their most popular product and kind of a trademark.

04. 10. 2013

LBC: 3 trends I could never get into

Hi mammoths, I'm posting for Lolita Blog Carnival once again!

This week's topic is, in my opinion, really interesting. Especially for me, a person who wears so many different styles at once and happily tries on herself every new trend.

But still, there are some things I can't see myself wearing. So what are the trends I could never get into?


... and by gothic, I mean that very goth-ish, Mana-ish kind of lolita. I admire people who can pull that look off, but it isn't for me. I'm not very fond of goth stuff. 


I was just going to say "headdress", but then I realized it wouldn't be enough. I hate, hate, hate the oldschool kind of lolita and I'm really happy that the aesthetics of lolita has evolved to the form we have nowadays. For some reason unknown to me, here in the Czech Republic, this style is still popular. Some people look good in it, but most of them don't. 


Lots of JSKs have their apron version. Although it may look cute, it reminds me of a folk dress / bib / other not-so-lolita things. Plus, it would probably make me look fat, so I think I'll just leave apron dresses to some other cute, petite girls. 

04. 10. 2013

autumn wishlist

I hardly ever make wishlists anymore, but I realized that there are more things I crave at once right now, and I kinda felt the need to sum it up somehow. So here goes:

pantskirt - I really want some cute pantskirt, mostly because you can wear it short without being worried!
Docs - I have always wanted a pair of these, but I was never able to save up / willing to pay that much money on shoes. I think now is the time, I really need some good quality, waterproof and warm fashionable boots.
sweater - Cute oversized cardigans are the best! 
suspender tights - Already had these once and I loved wearing them! They look so cool and go with everything!
overknee boots - I totally fell in love with these! I never knew you can wear overknee boots without oversexualizing yourself. 
baby angel purse - My wing obsession continues! But how cute are these? PLUS the wings are removable and each comes with 3 pairs of wings. I think this is even cooler than the regular winged backpack. 
beret - I think that I end up not wearing it, because it was like that everytime I bought a beanie, but I think I really need one this autumn.

Of course, I "need" much more things. Like gyaru/vintage cute dress with long sleeves, which I can't seem to be able to find (at least not one that I would like, that's why there isn't any picture).

And what do YOU need for autumn/winter? :)

30. 09. 2013

Comics Salon + DIY rosette

Hi dears!

I'm very happy to post lolita pics once again. I know that some of you follow this blog because of the loli part of it.

13.-15. 9 of September I visited a convention called Comics Salon in Bratislava, SK. It was my first trip to Slovakia after like 10 years, so I was really excited about it, but I had really bad luck and I missed the Prague-Bratislava bus twice! On the way there as well as on the way back. But I had some great time with my friends and at the con, so I guess that that's what matters :)

I decided to leave my cosplays at home this time and I only took one lolita outfit with me. It showed to be a wise choice since we didn't actually spend much time at the convention itself. We spent much more time making halušky (typical Slovak food) and figuring out how are we gonna get back home when we missed the bus to Prague.

I'm wearing my AP Merry Making Party OP after a year (and I actually haven't worn sweet lolita in a while, huh) and it's by any means my favorite lolita piece of clothing. The print and the colours are just too perfect <3

Thanks fabulous Beezet for the pictures :)

Before the convention, I realized that I don't have any accessories to match with this dress, so I decided to make one. I got the idea here and to make it, I used a piece of cardboard, 2 kinds of cloth, some lace and ribbons, old badge and an advanced cosplayer technique "glue gun sewing" - I just hotglued everything together :D When finished, I decorated it with my ice cream pin. In the picture, you can also see my DIY yen necklace - I feel so tough while wearing it xD.

Thats all my dear mammoths.
Have a nice day! :3
27. 09. 2013


- CZ only because the brand sadly doesn't ship overseas. Thank you for patience :3 - 

Po dlouhé době píšu v češtině. Máte radost? :D

Dnes bych vám ráda představila českou značku doplňků Balubunny. Vyrábí originální šperky ze dřeva, zejména přívěsky na krk, ale najdete u nich i prsteny, brože nebo třeba ozdoby na límeček. Zajímavé jsou pak jejich bytové doplňky, paříklad nástěnné obrazy. Také si u nich můžete nechat vyrobit šperk podle vlastních představ na zakázku, možnosti jsou téměř nekonečné.

GIZIBE náhrdelník dělaný na zakázku pro mě ;)

Na značce Balubunny se mi líbí hned několik věcí. Jednak jsou to nápadité designy produktů. Tím se podle mě může srovnávat se zahraničními značkami, což většina českých indie značek říct nemůže. Dále mě baví jejich dárkový a giveawayový systém. Ke každému nákupu dostanete dáreček, který je každý měsíc jiný. Každý měsíc Balubunny také pořádá giveaway na její facebookové stránce, takže pokud chcete získat nějaký roztomilý šperk zadarmo, doporučuju to hlídat. (A jako velké plus také vidím, že majitelka značky je očividně fanynka Survivora, hah)

Domluva s majitelkou je skvělá a doba doručení věcí rychlá, prostě vše jak má být ;)

Nejlepší na značce Balubunny však je, že zkouší pořád něco nového a rozvíjí se. V blízké budoucnosti se podle všeho můžete těšit například na kolekci oblečení.

A v budoucnu se můžete těšit na giveaway ve spolupráci právě s touto značkou ;) Excited?


20. 09. 2013


If I continue being like this, I'l soon have a profile on every single social network of the internet. 

Those of you who follow my PAGE already know. (And those who don't should follow it asap ^^). I bought a new phone few weeks ago and so I finally could start using instagram (my old phone wasn't able to run the app properly T_T). 

I'm basically a huge newbie to this and I still don't understand many things about instagram (like why 90% of people post pictures taken with their cameras and not their phones, huh?) and my phone makes rather  crappy pics, but I find it to be extremely funny thing, especially in combination with a purikura app called Decopic. 

Please, if any of you use instagram, tell me your usernames in comments below. I need some sweet people to follow!

You can follow my crappy photo diary HERE

10. 09. 2013

Advik 2013

~ CZ disclaimer: Toto není report z Advíku. A protože jsem letos opravdu vůbec nebyla na programu a vůbec Advíkovských služeb využívala minimálně, nebudu ho letos ani psát. Sorry.~

Between 8. and 11. of August I attended a convention in Prague called Advik. It was my second time there and although the organization wasn't so brilliant, I have to say that I enjoyed it a lot thanks to my friends (and crappy shark movies). I took three cosplays with me (if you're interested in my cosplay stuff /im not very good tho/, check it out HERE, I don't wanna spam my blog and page with it) and my pirate lolita outfit because I was invited to participate in the lolita fashion show. I also had a lecture about beginner mistakes in lolita fashion together with my friend Julia, but it was kind of a fail because there was no single lolita in the audience :'D

I also bought an alpaca there! It's just a tiny little guy (his name is Eridan because fukkit i don't care) but I totally wanna buy him a bigger fella. Alpacas are so cute!

Also I want to share some really nicely dressed people I met there. First of them is Tokyo Haru. I really liked her gyaru outfit and I think I creeped her out a bit when I came to her in my cosplay and told her I have a fashion blog and asked her for pictures. I think she didn't quite believe me :D But nevermind, here are some pictures and don't forget to check out her blog!

The second one is my friend Reina. I can't think of a more talented and versatile person than she is. The whole amazing hime lolita outfit she's wearing is made by her! She looked incredibly cute, don't you think?

And here are some pictures of myself, they were taken after the lolita fashion show I participated in. I'm wearing the same pirate lolita coord like I already did on Animefest, the only thing that changed is a wig (I like this one better, blonde really isn't my colour) an the shoes. Thanks, my dear photographer Rojta, for amazing (late) pictures.

These pics are downloaded from facebook. I will replace them with better quality ones once I have them. Thank you!

And here I am with my fellow beautiful lolitas Domi and Silvie! Them kawaii powers!

Thanks for reading! Do you go to conventions? I'll be happy for every comment ;)
09. 09. 2013


Who doesn't love mermaids and didn't ever wish to be one? They're beautiful, mysterious, live in the sea among cute fish and wear seashells instead of bras. What better life could one imagine?

Even though we can't turn into mermaids, we can get closer to them by wearing mermaid-themed clothing from time to time. Seashells, pastel colors, breezy materials, ethereal and mysterious look. Here's some mermaid inspiration.

And if you'd like to take inspiration from a real mermaid, try the mermaidens blog. It's owner Kailey looks so beautiful and fragile it makes you believe she really is one. Except she has legs. I personally love this blog and Kaileys outfits keep surprising and impressing me.

I personally love mermaid and sea themed clothes. How about you? 
01. 09. 2013

Summertime sadness

So this is it. The end of summer and the beginning of my very last year in highschool. It feels really weird, knowing that this school year, everything will be for the last time. And the summer has gone by so quickly, I almost didn't notice the two months of holidays. Everything is so strange today.

For the last day of summer, I went to visit my mom, only to have some lunch and an argument with sis. Totally not worth it. I decided to dress more girly today simply for blogging purposes. I just don't want you guys to see me in leather all the time haha.

I'm planning on wearing lolita tomorrow for the 1st school day, I already did that once and I think I quite scared the freshmen. Scaring newbies is fun.

                                         ASK // FACEBOOK PAGE // BLOGLOVIN

That't all for now. I'm going to change my room into study mode. How about you?
30. 08. 2013

~♚ wigs review

I've been using wigs quite a lot lately and I often get questions about them. So I thought it might be interesting for you guys if I made a post about them :) Aaand here it is!

In this post, I'm showing 4 out of 5 wigs I own. I only chose the ones that are wearable on daily basis, since the 5th one is an obvious cosplay wig.

Most of my wigs are from ebay. Buying wigs there is a bit risky, because you never know what are you actually getting (and it might be some bad, shiny piece of shit), but it's the far cheapest way to get a wig. The safer, better, but more expensive ways are well-known stores like Lockshop, Gothic Lolita Wigs or Mintymix. And of course, if you want some real quality, buy yourself a wig made of real human hair.

1) pink to mint fade wig from Lockshop

my face looks scary in this pic because I was just trying it on while wearing unfitting makeup - sorry
Where from: http://lockshopwigs.com/51-soft-curls-pink-to-mint-fade.html
How much: 33 € 
Quality: Really good in my opinion. It's thick enough, soft and incredibly easy to maintain.

This was my first wig ever to purchase and also the most expensive one, but I think it's worth the price. The quality is really good, which is why such an unusual color combination doesn't make it look like a cheap costume wig. Some people even thought I dyed my own hair when they saw me. The communication with Lockshop was also very nice. I would definitely recommend the store.

2) black curly wig from ebay

Where from: http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-cosplay-long-black-Wavy-Cos-Wig-gift-/360452546891?ssPageName=ADME:L:OC:CA:3160
How much:
Quality: The wig doesn't look like the one in the picture. It's not that thick at all, so I'm always worried that the inside of the wig will show, but it doesn't usually actually happen. However, I still prefer to wear a hat or something on this wig. Otherwise the quality is surprisingly good. The wig is relatively easy to maintain, it stays in the same shape and it doesn't tangle much. It isn't too shiny so it's good for everyday use.

When I purchased this wig, I didn't plan on wearing it outside of cosplay, but I ended up really liking it and now I wear it whenever I can.

3) blonde rhapsody wig from ebay

Where from: http://www.ebay.com/itm/80cm-long-Rhapsody-curyl-fluffy-2-colors-Multiple-list-cosplay-hair-free-wig-cap-/120919751747?ssPageName=ADME:L:OC:CA:3160
How much:
Quality: Not that awesome. It looks very synthetic and fake and the color is more yellow than blonde. It's prone to tangling.

I really like rhapsody-style wigs so I bought this one for everyday use, but I simply can't wear it. Not only because the quality and color isn't that good, but also because blonde just doesn't fit me. It seemed too long to me so apart from the bangs, I also cut the whole wig and it ended up looking even worse. However, my friend got the same one in brown and it looks much better. You can see me wearing the brown version here, but although it looks prettier and more natural, the quality is still poor and it's hard to keep it looking nice.

4) red wavy long wig

Where from: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Hot-Dark-Red-Curly-wavy-Long-Cosplay-Wig-Free-Ship-/380654798591?ssPageName=ADME:X:AAQ:US:1123
How much: 
Quality: It also doesn't correspond with the pictures. The actual wig is much more curly and a bit brighter than shown in the picture provided by the seller. The quality isn't the worst, but it could be better. It tangles a lot. The color is too bright to be believable.

This wig was meant for my newest cosplay, but when ordering it, I was thinking that it could go at least with lolita outfits, too. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm not really sure about it. What do you think- is it wearable? Would you wear it in school or in the city? Let me know in comments  ↓ :3

That's it. Which one do you like the most? Do you wear wigs or, if you don't, would you like to start?

27. 08. 2013

Liebster Award

I can't believe I'm really doing this.

I've been nominated for a Liebster Award. Again. I was nominated so many times I don't even know and I always decided not to continue because find this whole thing rather stupid and pointless. 

So why am I doing this in the end? Well, I'm slowly approaching the magical border of 200 followers which means no more Liebster Awards for me. And if this really helps someone to promote their blog and get more followers, I will be happy for them and feel good because I was helpful. So let's try it :)

Karolína Havlíková was the one who nominated me.

The rules are following: You have to answer 10 questions, give 10 new questions and nominate some new candidates from blogs you like to read. The candidate bloggers have to have less than 200 followers. (Omg I could swear that earlier it had another part where you had to post facts about yourself but good thing it's shorter now :D¨) Ok, let's do this. 

And here are the questions I have to answer:

1. Who is your favourite Victorias Secret model? 
Omg what? Sad to say so, but I don't give a damn about Victorias Secret models. I don't even like their products that much.
2. What would you never wear? 
I still have to say blue jeans, even though my hatred for denim has dropped recently.
3. What is your dream job? 
I have two very different dream jobs. The first one is developing chemical weapons of mass destruction. The second one is owning a little café where I'd sell stuff I'd bake. No, I'm not mentally ill.
4. What name would you give your daughter? 
I can't imagine a prettier name than Stella, but because I made this name my nickname, I wouldn't give it to my daughter. Charlotte/Scarlet maybe? (Yeah those names don't quite exist in Czech lenguage but I don't care)
5. What is your favourite movie? 
At this moment, I have to say Les Mis. I'm not a huge movie fan and basically the only genres of movies I watch are: crappy movies about sharks, movies about Nazis and WWII and musicals. So yeah... my fave movie has always been a musical.
6. Do you prefer " Fifty shades of Gray" or "Twilight saga"? 
I think it won't be a surprise when I say I hate both equally. 
7. Beer or wine? 
I come from the land of beer, but I really prefer wine. But when you're from the Czech Republic, sometimes you just have to drink beer.
8. What place would you never want to see? 
What a weird question! As a travelling enthusiast, I'd like to see the whole world, all the places, all of them! But there are twho places I have been to which I never wanna see again. Lorient, France and Barrie, Ontario. I hate those cities.
9. Would you like to get a tattoo? 
I'd like a serotonin molecule on my wrist but nah. I don't really want a tattoo. 
10. Flat or house? 

The following questions are for you:

1) List some people you admire and give a reason why / Jmenujte některé lidi, které obdivujete a řekněte proč.
2) If you were born in a different period of time, when would it be and why? / Kdybyste se měli nnarodit v jiné době, kdy by to bylo a proč?
3) What food can you cook the best? / Které jídlo umíte nejlépe uvařit? 
4) Who is your favourite fictional character and why? / Jaká je vaše oblíbená fiktivní postava a proč?
5) Who would you dress up as for a costume party? / Za koho byste šli na maškarní? 
6) How often do you buy new clothes? / Jak často si kupujete nové oblečení? 
7) Why did you start a blog? / Proč jste začali blogovat?
8) What camera do you use? / Jaký používáte foťák?
9) Candies or sweet pastry? / Bonbóny nebo sladké pečivo?
10) Dream destination? / ugh... jak tohle přeložit? xD

People I nominate for a Liebster Award:

I dunno. That's all. Good luck&have fun& I hope it won't annoy you too much.
26. 08. 2013

Macaron skirt by Amber [lolita shopping update]


~Tato recenze není v češtině, protože myslím, že českým lolitám není třeba značku Amber představovat~

Hello mammoths!

I didn't intend to buy any more lolita clothes since I already have more than I can wear, but when a Czech lolita brand Amber, which is owned by a lolita called Reiko, came up with this skirt, I simply couldn't resist. I already stopped hoping for a Czech brand to make a skirt that I would want to buy. Then this macaron skirt happened.

Isn't it perfect? The print is so cute and the quality is also really good!

I can't wait to wear it in a coord! I have plenty of ideas and I'm probably going to wear it the first day of school. My friend Julia is getting the same skirt so we are going to twin it soon!

How do you like it? Check out the Amber facebook page to see more of Reiko's products.
24. 08. 2013

Live for the applause

Yes I am wearing a snapback.
No I didn't forget how to be girly.

The title = the new Lady Gaga song. Pure love.