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20. 08. 2013

Vietnam in pictures

Today's post is not fashion related, but I'm sure it's interesting for most of you. Yes, I'm finally blogging about our trip to Vietnam!

It was the best holidays I could ever imagine. Not only it was the furthest country I've ever been to and my frist trip to Asia whatsoever, but it was also my very first holidays spent with absolutely no "supervision" (parents, teachers, group leaders...). It was basically me and my friends Nikola and Liera visiting our Vietnamese friend Julia, who lives here in Czech Republic, but her family is in Vietnam and she visits them every summer. We were staying in her family's house most of the time, which was a great experience. You always get to know with a country through the people.

We didn't travel much - there was not enough time and money for that. We visited the capital, Hanoi, multiple times and stayed there for a couple of days, we spent a night on the boat at Ha Long bay, we visited some temples nearby and some other places, we did a lot of shopping, but most importantly, we had a great time.

Just look at the pictures ;)

purikura we took in the mall in Hanoi / my first purikura yay *-*
loooots of pictures under the cut~

the communist propaganda is everywhere, as well as people on scooters and crowded streets

the amusement park in Hanoi we visited


cream puffs so good :3

im on the boat!

many little islands in Ha Long bay

Ti Top island with a beach

the Amazing cave (the name is actually Amazing cave!)

we look terrible but nevermid, we're here!

the Ho Chi Minh mausoleum

the mausoleum guards

huge Buddha which is also a temple!

riding swans with Julia and her little sister

a picture of all of us taken by a local photographer

view from a Buddhistic monastery 

the entrance to the monastery

a temple in the jungle!

view from the cableway that was taking us up to the temple - a waterfall in the jungle!
I definitely recommend visiting Vietnam! The people there are extremely friendly and nice and the country itself is really interesting!

Hope you liked this post ;3
16. 08. 2013


It's finally here! Another long promised giveaway on my blog!

This giveaway contains stuff I bought on my trip to Vietnam and it's that kind of giveaway I would participate in myself. I hope you also like the things I chose for you =^^=


This giveaway is facebook based, mostly because it makes it much easier to enter. 
Step 1LIKE MY FACEBOOK PAGE. I will check!
Step 2: Share the giveaway picture on your Timeline. Make sure to make the post public so I can check. Private or friends-only sharings do not count because i won't be able to see them.
Step 3: Leave a comment here on my blog under this post. The comment must include your facebook name and your e-mail address. 
Step 4: Good luck! 

If you don't have facebook account, you can enter, too! Just instead of sharing, blog about my giveaway! The post must include my giveaway picture and link to my blog. The comment must include your blog address and your e-mail. Please bear in mind that you cannot do both! There are no extra entries this time.

The giveaway ends 31.8 and is open worldwide.


The main 3 items in this giveaway are:
- pink X white polkadot wire headband (similar to one I'm wearing here)
- lavender macaron lip balm by Korean brand It's Skin
- cute contact lens case 

the inside of the case - sorry for the mirror reflection haha 
BUT that's not all! In addition, you get a whole bunch of Korean cosmetics samples including Etude House Pearl mask sheet and much more!

I wish everyone good luck~

15. 08. 2013


Hi dears!

I'm back home from a convention in Prague called Advík (I'll post about that later) and blogging again!
This is what I wore yesterday when I went to the city with my classmates I haven't seen a long time.

I'm wearing a croptop I boutght in Vietnam with a leather skirt I bought last week on sale. I was really happy for it because it cost only about $5! I was talking about the winged sneakers in my last inspo post and now I finally got them! They're from ebay and if you search a bit, you can get them in various colours for cheap, too. I'm kinda obsessed with wings right now and I also like the touch of Greek mythology on them. It's just pure love!

You might have noticed that I really like these garages as the background of my pictures. The atmosphere of this setup is just too good plus it's right behind our house. I try to change the setup whenever I can but the place where I live is a bit boring and I can't always take pictures in the city. I hope you are not already too bored with old garages :D

What is your favorite (or most used) place to take pictures? And stay tuned because the giveaway is coming soon!

03. 08. 2013

Etude House 3 products review

~ If you'd like to win an Etude House mask sheet and some samples, join my GIVEAWAY~

I'm a big fan of Korean cosmetics but I really don't like ordering this stuff online. I'm that kind of person who has to try everything on himself before he buys something. And I was really happy when I got two wonderful opportunities to try&buy cosmetics during our trip to Vietnam. First we had a 8 hour long layover in Korea (Incheon airport) and then we visited some shops with Korean cosmetics in Hanoi.

I ended up buying only Etude House products though. (It's because they have the cutest designs but shhh.) I was a bit sad that we didn't come across any Holika Holika stuff (the brand probably isn't available in Vietnam, but I'm still wondering why they didn't have any of their products at the airport -_-)

The first product I want to talk about is Etude House Collagen Moistfull cream. It's a moisturizing day cream which contains baobab leaf mucus and a lot of collagen. We were explained that it can be used by people with all skin types. I got it at the airport for only $13, which I think is a very reasonable price, and the package also contained a 20 ml bottle of Collagen Moistfull First Essence, which is to be used prior to the cream. However, I will not review this item because I'm not using it - I'm going to give it to my friend instead.

First of all, I have to say that trying this out was a bit of a hazard for me. Because my skin is very dry and sensitive, I only use oil-based creams from pharmacy to moisturize my skin and keep it healthy. In fact, I shouldn't use alcohol based creams like this one at all! But it was just too tempting ;)

But I was so nicely surprised! My skin was peeling out a bit before I started using it but it went back to normal in only two days of using the cream! When I can, I use it twice a day, in the morning before putting on make-up and then before I go to sleep and it when using it regularly, my skin is really as "youthful and water bouncy" as the product description says.

Two of my friends who have a completely different skin type (while my skin is really dry, theirs is rather oily and prone to acne) also purchased this cream and we were using it all at the same time. Although the effect of using wasn't that magical on them, they both were also very satisfied with this product. I think I can only recommend it to literally everyone :)

The next product I bought is a Etude House Dear Darling Tint. I went for the darkest shade of red there was because honestly, it doesn't provide that much color. I use it to create the gradient 'ulzzang" lips effect. I love this tint so much! I use it really often now and I'm constantly worried that I will lose it somewhere. Here is how it looks on my lips

My lips are naturally a bit dark, I found out that the effect looks even better if you lighten your lips with a cover stick or a nude lipstick before applying the tint. But I didn't do either for the picture and the gradient effect is still visible.
I thought the tint would be runny when I first used it, but not at all! It can last for hours, even when you're eating, drinking or doing whatever. I'm not really used to lipglosses anymore so the only thing I find annoying about it is the applicator. I was looking for a solid tint but I couldn't find a better equivalent to this one.

The last product I wanna be talking about is Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-talk lipstick. I got the orangey red shade (RD303), which is not the shade I'd usually go for. I'm still not sure about how it looks on me, sometimes I think it's cute but sometimes I find it rather scary. Here is the picture:

But what I really adore about that lipstick is that the little bow ring on it is removable and you can wear it as an actual ring (as seen here) How cute and witty!

I also found both, the tint and the lipstick a bit pricey. It might be because we got it in Vietnam, not Korea, therefore there had to be some tax included in the price, but maybe you can get it cheaper on the internet!

I hope this helped, if you have any questions (or I forgot something), leave a comment below! Thanks for reading! S.

02. 08. 2013

Jellicle songs for Jellicle cats

Outfit of the day. I went to the city to meet my friends Setja and Franky because I haven't seen them for quite a long time. It was a bad idea to go outside so early because the weather is deadly in these days.

I decided to wear clothes I bought in Vietnam and go for a cat themed look. When I was testing those shoes, they seemed to be very comfy and easy to walk in - I forgot about the medieval pavement in our city! It's basically a horror to walk on in any heels :C

You can also see that I dyed my hair. It was about time - the colour I had was terrible and I kinda really feel better in darker colors even though they make me look evil sometimes. So my hair's somewhat dark purple now again, but I will have to re-dye it soon because I forgot that my hair is already too long for using only one package of hairdye.

Right now I'm pending between being sick, working on my cosplays (there isn't even that much to work on but hell I'm lazy and they're still not done a week before the convention, how typical) and trying to socialize and catch up with my friends I didn't see in July.
What are you guys doing right now and how are you enjoying the summer? 

Oh and I almost forgot. Since the look title is a song, here goes. If you haven't seen the CATS musical yet, make sure to watch it or, if it is being played somewhere near, visit the play! It's a wonderful thing and my favorite musical of all times!

27. 07. 2013

Inspiration: wings!

I got a bit obsessed with this trend recently. Wings, wings everywhere! As in angel wings. As in cute angel wings. Attached to various things. Check them out!

source: http://http://syndromestore.com

source: http://tokyofashion.com 

source: taobao

source: http://www.eyecandys.com/kpop-ulzzang-style/
source: duh its written right in the picture

source: won't tell because I just totally ordered these ;D

Winged things, hot or not? What do you guys think? ;) Let me know in the comments!

25. 07. 2013

Lockshop Flower Circus outfit contest

As you may or may not know, I am participating in Lockshop's Flower Circus contest on their Facebook page. You have already seen the pictures taken for this purpose HERE. I don't even know why I decided to go for gyaru look but the important thing is that the voting is on and it's up to you guys.

Please, vote for me by "liking" the picture HERE

Thank you very very very much! Every vote counts!
24. 07. 2013

shopping in Vietnam

Hi mammoths~ I'm back with one of the posts I promised to make, a Vietnamese shopping update! There will also be a post about my trip to Vietnam in general one day, but not today, I'm sorry.

If you like shopping, Vietnam is the right place for you. Many little offbrand shops selling stylish clothes for ridiculously low prices. A t-shirt is about $5, a dress about $12. Most of the clothes I'll show you was bought in shops in Hanoi, but some of them were bought right in the little town where we were staying, so you can find nice pieces literally everywhere.

Here is what I bought:

In Vietnamese shops, you can easily find the same stuff they sell on websites like romwe, sheinside and others, just much cheaper. They're not fakes though - I would bet my shoes that they are being made in the same factory somewhere in China.

I wanted some croptops so badly~

I really have no idea where I got the idea to buy a denim vest. It just... happened -_-

I"m really happy for these two things. They look like from some k-pop MV ;D

These two things are souvenirs. I simply had to buy the "I <3 Hanoi" t-shirt; I collect them (I already have Paris, London and NY ones) and I really loved Hanoi. The jacket is a thing that almost every Vietnamese person owns - they wear it to protect themselves from sun when they're riding their scooters in the city.

And of course, they sell a lot of fake brand clothes in Vietnam. I didn't want to buy any, but I just couldn't resist.

The only brand things I bought in Vietnam are these Etude House (Korean cosmetics brand) products. I really love them and there will be a review of them soon!

That's all for today!
01. 07. 2013

News and bye~

Hi mammoths! I hope you are all enjoying summer now!

I have some news to share with you today :3

You might (must) have noticed the change in design of my blog. Most importantly, I got a brand new header featuring a cute mammoth drawing my friend Beezet drew for me. Make sure to check out her page, she's an awesome artist and cosplayer. I'm also getting an icon drawn by her, it should appear in the menu asap.

^^^ i love this design, it's more minimalistic, but still cute + my face is not featured! 

The second thing is, there won't be any new posts in next 20 days. I'm spending my holidays in Vietnam with my friends and I was too lazy to write and schedule some posts in advance. However, I will probably be active on my FACEBOOK PAGE during that time. I hope I'll be able to add pictures and keep you guys informed ;3

The last thing is, Google Reader should be down by now. I know that I'm reminding you a bit late and that there is still GFC and stuff but I just want you to know that I'm on BLOGLOVIN as well. You can follow me there if you want to~ 

And, of course, if you have any questions, ASK ME ANYTHING ^^

That's all for now. Have an awesome summer, mammoths!
27. 06. 2013


I never really managed to celebrate my adulthood properly. I was still in Canada when I turned 18 and when I came back, my birthday was already long forgotten. I didn't even throw a party for my friends, nor did I celebrate with my family.

But now, 6 months later, my mom decided to fix it and she invited me to her house to have some cake with her and my sister. It wasn't really a celebration, but it was nice that she showed me that she cares. She also gave me a late present - a deer accessory.  

The deer is by a Czech company which is literally called just "Deer accessories" in translation. It's been around for quite a while and although it experienced a real boom about 5 years ago, when you could see a deer in every single fashion magazine, their products are still popular among Czech people. 

The deer made by the company are all handmade and each of them is an original - each has its own theme and they even come with a name!  Mine is called Dobroděj, which would translate as "the one who does good deeds" and I think it's a really cute name (I'm suspicious that the name was what made my mom buy it to me, but shhhh). It might resemble a guardian angel, considering his name, colour and his little cute wings.

I already had a deer brooch before, when I was 13 or 14, but I lost it (that might be another reason why I got one now - I was really sad when that happened :C ). I will show you a picture of it in the end of the post ;) Since then, I think that the quality of deers has improved and they added a chain so you can wear it as a brooch or as a necklace. I think it's a good idea, however, I don't really like it and I'll remove the chain asap. 

The brand doesn't make only brooches, although those are the most known and what made the Deer accessories famous. You can have a headband, necklace, even hairtie with a little deer. 

Check more deer at http://jelenisperky.cz

A picture where I'm wearing the previous deer. Pardon my 13 years old self. I am ashamed. 
The deer was nice though.

Have you heard about deer accessories before? Do you like the idea? Would you like to have one?

23. 06. 2013

Strawberry fields

Hello dear mammoths!

My classes are already over and I'm enjoying summer in the city before I leave for vacation. This consists mostly from partying, working on my cosplays and doing nothing. Sounds awesome, doesn't it? ;)

Yesterday I attended a lolita picnic which I organized together with Julia. There isn't a big lolita community in my city/region and because many people couldn't make it, in the end there was only 4 of us. And because the weather is really hot right now (it actually wasn't that bad yesterday, otherwise I would have gone for lighter version of this outfit I had prepared), only me and one other girl came in full lolita so it was a super super casual meetup, but still we had a lot of fun!

Because of that, I don't really have any representative pictures of the picnic itself. I can only say that there was a lot of delicious food and that I look super fat when sitting.

I havent worn my Strawberry Crown skirt so far and a picnic seemed to be a great opportunity, I decided to make a country lolita co-ord. I haven't really been into this style until now, so I hope I'm doing it right :D

Here are some pictures my fellow lolita Len took.

Oh yes, that is me wearing a wig again. I know it was hot, but not hot enough for me to show off my ugly, damaged hair.

Len brought some adorable gingerbread horses! I made creampuffs but I don't have any pictures :C

Please, if you want to stay connected, like my FACEBOOK PAGE. I'm going to be more active there than here during summer and I'd love to stay in touch with y'all. Also, my ASKBOX is rather empty most of the time. Ask me anything! =w=

How are you enjoying summer? Any big plans? :)
17. 06. 2013

gyaru photoshoot

Hi mammoths!

You might already have noticed the change in my icon and my profile picture on facebook, but I have more pictures to show you!

Last week, me and my classmate Týna, who enjoys taking pictures, did a little photoshoot together. It was done mainly because of one contest I want to participate in (when the contest starts, I will post about it here, no worries :). I decided to do something rather unusual for me and went for a gyaru kind of look. The wig I'm wearing is not mine, it belongs to my friend Julinka and I have the same one in blond. I also made the flower headband just because of this shoot!

I'm not sure if I make a good gal, but I'm definitely 100% satisfied with the pictures. I don't know why, but I always feel 20% prettier when wearing gyaru inspired outfit and makeup.

Have a look!

14. 06. 2013

[DIY] Flower headband and lolita swag

Hello there~ !

I've been a bit more productive lately. I made two things I want to show you now ;3

The first thing is a flower headband. I know they're already in decline now and I didn't even want one that much, but I ended up needing it urgently for the photoshoot I had yesterday. And because they don't sell any in the stores right now, I decided to make one.

I used plastic flowers (I like those better than the cloth ones) I bought in Prior (that kind of store you can find anything in) and the cheapest plastic headband I found (it cost me 30,- Kč which is like $1,5) and then used the lamest, but usually also the most effective method and simply glued the flowers to the headband with a glue gun.

Here's the result

 It doesn't look that nice from the other side :'D

The second item I wanted to show you is what I made today. It's that kind of 'gangsta' chain but instead of a dollar on it, there's yen symbol! The inspiration came, of course, from the lolita rapper  MC MelodDoll. She wore one in her video "Buy mo brand" and then started to sell them here. I really wanted to buy one, but the shop is not working right now and shipping from Australia would be very pricey. Luckily I remembered that I have some crafting abilities and made my own ;)

 You see, it's not as perfect as the real one since I can't do laser cuts and have only premo clay, my own hands and a manicure set, but I think it will do ;) I can't wait to wear it in some lolita outfit. Swaggity swag, Stella in the house!

What do you say?
Like? Don't like?
Thanks for reading
09. 06. 2013

♥ heartbreaker ♥

Hi lil' mammoths!

Today I had a dinner at my mother's place and I decided to dress up a little bit, since my sister's new room has so cute interior and it's ideal for taking pictures. I'm wearing a wig and I'm actually surprised how good and natural it looks, even though it's only a cheap cosplay wig. 

Because I'm almost done with my seminary paper and school is pretty much over, I'll try to post more. There are some events I'll probably be attending and some stuff I want to DIY in near future. My friend Beezet is drawing some cute stuff for me, you can expect a new design here pretty soon. 

And a big news. I'll be spending part of my summer vacations in Vietnam, travelling and having fun with my friends! I'm really excited to go, I've never been to Asia before and I think it will be a great experience for us all. I also hope I'll be able to get some cute stuff there so I can make a giveaway here on my blog afterwards~ 

Here is the rest of today pictures

Thanks for viewing~
01. 06. 2013

[DIY] Making clothes wearable

Hi mammoths!

Today I wanna show you how I accidentally made my old jacket look good! It's not in fact a DIY but it can serve as an inspiration I think ;)

I bought the jacket few years ago because it was on sale and I liked the shape. I didn't have anything in the same color, which I don't like, but I wore really colorful clothes at the time so I didn't think that that would be a problem. But I was wrong, I never wore it and when I decided to sell it, nobody even wanted to buy it. I completely forgot that I own such thing.

Few months ago, I was bothered because I needed to buy a cheap. black jacket for my cosplay due to my inability to sew. Then I realized I already have the prefect one, it just needed a dye. When it was done, I realized it was not only ideal for the cosplay, but also really cute to wear. Here it is.



I hope I'll have pictures of it in an outfit soon!
How about you? Do you dye clothes? Or dip dye? Tie dye? Tell me your experiences :3


27. 05. 2013

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.

Hi mammoths! Firstly, I am sorry. I've been busy with school stuff lately. I have to produce a 15 pages long essay about additives in food in two weeks or so, and it's really exhausting and time consuming.

BUT I bought a lot of stuff recently and there is more on its way. I can't wait to show it all here!

The thing I'm happy about the most is the t-shirt/blouse. Not only it has the melty text print on it (which I love and I'm planning to DIY some t-shirts with this kind of text because I have some extra textile colours at home), but it's a quote from one of my favourite books, 1984 by George Orwell.

Even though it's a bit out of context (the whole slogan is in the title and it's about keeping people living in lie), it looks good and it makes sense like this, too!

The whole outfit is kinda war-themed (when I walked into school today, one of my classmates asked if I was joining the army).

I originally bought the shorts for a canoeing course we're attending next week (because I realized I don't have any practical clothes I could get wet in... and because I've never really did any canoeing before, I believe I'm going to be in the water all the time xD) but I fell in love with them and now I wear them whenever I can.

Because I'm still not really sure, here's a question for you: camo - hot or not?
Thanks for viewing xoxo

18. 05. 2013

Flower lady

Hi mammoths!

A bit gyaru inspired outfit for this warm, almost summer day :)

I finally have tattoo tights! More about them later :)

15. 05. 2013

Crown Label - Strawberry Crown skirt

Hi dear readers!

I'm so excited to tell you the news - I've got another of my dream prints!
I've bought a skirt from the Strawberry Crown series by Crown Label, which is a sister brand to Metamorphose. In my beloved green!

The skirt actually wasn't my dream item. The JSK was. But I ended up with a skirt.

And I realized I've done a good thing. If you know me, you might know that I'm not a very big fan of skirts in lolita - outfits with JSKs and OPs seem much more "complete" and perfect than those with skirts. But I've stopped wearing lolita outside of meetups and cons and I feel my style has gotten a bit too costume-y and fake. I hope this simple country lolita skirt will help me to incorporate lolita into my everyday life again :)

By the way, just after I purchased the skirt, Meta started selling them again. In a luckypack. For cheap. It probably wouldn't make a big difference in price since I'd have to add all the shipping and taxes, but the prices will go down now and that's really bad luck. But I'm not planning on selling it any soon, so whatever :)

And finally, here are some pictures. I hope you love it as much as I do.

 And because I've kinda always known that I'll buy this print one day, when one Czech lolita was selling these for cheap, I didn't hesitate and bought them. They match perfectly, don't they?

I can't wait to wear the skirt in an outfit! I hope you like it!

13. 05. 2013

AF13 - A pirate's life for me

Hi mammoths!

Last weekend I attended a convention in Brno called Animefest. My last con was in July and it seeméd like eternity, so I was really pumped up about it.

I decided to do something I have always wanted to do - a pirate lolita outfit. I was gathering pieces of clothing for the outfit since February and I really couldn't wait. But it wouldn't be me if nothing went wrong.

The tricorn hat is amazing, but unfortunately, it only has two bobby pins to attach it to my head. I wanted to replace them with some stronger clips, but the shop where I usually buy components was closed. So the hat was falling down all the time and looked stupid most of the time it was on. My petticoats died on the 5 hours long way. And when we finally arrived at the con, I couldn't find anyone who would take some nice outfit pictures of me. So I'll have to go with these:

My only nice picture in this outfit. Thanks to my friend Beezet.


 And a bonus - me waiting in that long as hell line with my fellow lolita Len. Totally not amused.

Thanks goes to my dear Beezet for taking the pictures. 

And yes, those are the only three acceptable pictures of this outfit. I promise I'll wear it again one day and I'll take lots of awesome pirate-y pictures. 

I didn't feel really comfortable in lolita that day. Maybe it was my shyness and unwillingness to talk with other lolitas /or unwillingness of other lolitas to talk with me/ and maybe it was just a shitty day. But I was bored and annoyed, even though I was wearing one of my dream outfits. 
This was also the only day at the con I was wearing lolita. I cosplayed as a character from Homestuck the other day, and the last day I didn't even wear anything special and it felt great. If anyone's curious about my cosplay, I might share something on my facebook page later ;)

Overall, I had a great time at the convention. But next time I might be only cosplaying. It's so much fun!

Stella xoxo
03. 05. 2013


Hi mammoths!

I'm so sorry it took me so long to post again T_T I can't even say I was busy because the fact is that I was just lazy and I didn't have anyone to take pictures of me. Sigh.

Today we went to the cinema with my school to see Les Mis. I was happy because I haven't seen the movie before (oh hey, I know my last post is called Castle on a cloud, I knew this song because of my singing lessons :D) and it was cheap, too! So much winning! I loved it very much, it was an awesome experience for a musical freak like me.

I decided to wear this and it was a bad choice because it was really cold and it rained. The outfit is inspired by Lady Gaga's "Judas" video and Mary Magdalene, I don't even know why did I get this idea but I thought it was funny.

The sheer chiffon thing of apricot colour I'm wearing was a gift from my friend Julia, she got this for me in Vietnam last summer. I love it, although I have no idea how is it called.

That's all. I would like to make some vlog experiment, but I have to decide what it will be about. Any ideas?
I have some other posts prepared in my head, too, we had a local lolita meetup I would like to blog about, also some reviews and possibly a shopping update...and I must not forget that Animefest is next week! Yay!

Oh and because I have a lot of feels for Les Mis right now, here, have my favorite song~